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Blaine is a city in Whatcom County. The city's northern boundary is the Canada–US border. The Peace Arch international monument lies partly in Blaine and partly in Canada. The population was 6135 at the 2022 census.

Much of Blaine's economy is based on cross-border Canadian trade. The eastern side of the city accommodates a number of import/export warehouses, freight and courier services and gas stations serving long-haul cargo trucks. The Customs and Border Protection branch of the Department of Homeland Security operates two border inspection stations in Blaine. The Blaine Sector Headquarters of the US Border Patrol employs hundreds of federal law enforcement officers and support staff in the community.

Blaine also has a number of manufacturing companies, including Nature's Path cereal and Totally Chocolate.

The Port of Bellingham operates a large marina in Blaine, serving a variety of pleasure craft and fishing vessels.

Local Businesses in Blaine
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