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Explore Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, Blaine and other nearby cities in Whatcom County.

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    Best Hiking Trails near Bellingham

    In the Bellingham area, there is plenty of hiking all year. The area includes hundreds of miles of trails to explore, including trails from Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, Chuckanut Mountains, North Cascades National Park, and Whatcom County. The city of Bellingham also has a vast network of hiking paths that wind through municipal parks and greenways, providing both water and mountain vistas. Let's take a look at the most popular and best trails near Bellingham:

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    Bellingham Housing Market

    Many people wonder why housing is so expensive in Bellingham. Let's try to answer this question. There are three significant reasons why housing in Bellingham has grown less affordable in recent years and why prices have risen even faster than in other areas.

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    Fascinating Facts about Whatcom County

    Whatcom County is located in the US state of Washington. Bellingham is the county government and largest city.

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    Bellingham Economic Development

    Bellingham is the most populous city in the US state of Washington. It is located 21 miles south of the US-Canada border between two major cities in the Pacific Northwest: Vancouver and British Columbia.

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    Fairhaven Historic District

    Located south of Bellingham, Fairhaven Historic District is famous for its rich history and colorful architecture. Founded in the 1880s in Whatcom County, Fairhaven used to be a small settlement that would soon become the foundation for modern-day Bellingham. 

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    Whatcom County History

    The story of Whatcom County will take you back to the ancient times. Nearly 12,000 years ago, this picturesque area was occupied by three Native American tribes: the Lummi, the Semiahmoo, and the Nooksack. 

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    History of Lynden, WA

    Founded on the site of the Nooksack Indian village, Lynden is a pleasant community in Whatcom County, Washington with a population of about ten thousand people. 

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    History of Bellingham

    Located on the shores of Bellingham Bay against the background of Mount Baker, Bellingham is the northernmost city of the United States with the population of over fifty thousand people. 

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