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Review for Bellingham Bar & Grill on Directory
05 Feb 2023

I’ve attempted to call the @bellighambarandgrill regarding an event that transpired last Wednesday February 1st, around closing time. However after calling straight for the last few days I have yet to get a hold of someone. No one picks up their phone and there’s no answering service, therefore I cannot leave a voicemail concerning the event that transpired. The guy in the picture is Matt. Matt works @bellighambarandgrill and he is a bartender. What you don’t know about Matt is that he has no customer service skills,and has anger management issues, and from what’s being said around town this is probably due to his steroid use. Multiple people have said he is overly aggressive with both men and women at his job and other bars he frequents when he is off. He is known to get into unprovoked altercations, hence why he most likely does not have a social media presence. Last Wednesday my husband was out at the bar where Matt works. The night was ending and he approached Matt to close his tab. He noticed his card was charged on his phone before he was handed the bill to confirm the amount he was being charged. My husband asked Matt if it’s customary to charge his card before he is able to see his bill and Matt completely ignored the question. He asked Matt again if he can please get an itemized receipt so that he can see exactly what he was paying for. It’s should be the right of any patron at any business to ask for their bill to confirm what they are paying for. At that point Matt went from 0 to a 100 for no reason than being asked to see an itemized bill and became very angry and started screaming at the top of his lungs “this is how we do it here, and if you don’t like it you can get the fuck out of here!” Then my husband asked to speak to the manager at which point Matt called 4 security guards who came accompanied by the manager. My husband looked at the manager asking if he can speak to him privately and the manager said “No,” and proceeded to direct the security guards to kick him out. The four security guards grabbed him and dragged him forcefully outside of the establishment slamming him onto the concrete. 5 minutes later as he is walking away police officers show up arrest him and charge him with assault. This all happened because my husband wanted to see his bill before singing off on his receipt. He came to find out later that Matt refused to give him his receipt because he added a 25% gratuity charge without his knowledge. Knowing my husband he would have tipped you that anyways. Is this how you run your business? My husband hates using the race card but I warned him about moving to Bellingham.

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