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Review for Criez Hayley Lmp on Directory
25 Mar 2023

Hayley is an EXCELLENT medical massage therapist. She helped me when recovering from knee surgery.

Kathy from Chrysalis Inn & Spa did a great job, I'm still pleased and looking forward to the next chance that I can get a massage at the Chrysalis Inn & Spa.

We had dinner at Chrysalis Inn & Spa. And we thought the food was good and we really enjoyed the atmosphere. Will probably come again.

Hello! I really enjoyed my time at the Chrysalis Inn & Spa. That is no another gift card coming my way until, I guess, my birthday, but I'll be looking forward to it.

Chrysalis Inn & Spa have very good service. Satisfactory and no complaints on them.

Chrysalis is a great place, great massage great food. Haven't had an opportunity to spend a night there, but really like the place!
Review for Baker Chiropractic & Massage on Whodoyou
11 Jul 2017

I've had excellent service. Thank you very much!

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