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Review for Shell on Whodoyou
23 Aug 2021

Hi, yeah, I did contact parkway shell and my interaction went just fine and I'm actually going to be calling parkway shell soon. Be in a matter of days. As soon as I know what my schedule is and try to schedule all for the valve cover replacement on my little ford ranger, hopefully that helps. Thank you very much. Bye bye.
Review for Shell on Whodoyou
26 Aug 2020

Yeah my recent experience and all my experiences would show up and great. The owner's been good to me we have 2 trucks serviced there and just thanks a lot for all your services she will buy.
Review for Shell on Whodoyou
03 Aug 2020

Yes I've been doing business with Brad for approximately 5 years he's never disappointed me and I continue to return to having my 3 vehicles taken care of by Brad and his crew thank you.
Review for Shell on Whodoyou
09 Dec 2019

Yeah I just have my car worked on by Brad who is the best and I will always go to him with anything I need done with my automobile standards and he's honest and I like him a lot very good.
Review for Shell on Whodoyou
19 Jun 2019

My experience was that the service was excellent. No thank you I.
Review for Shell on Whodoyou
15 Nov 2018

I bought some gas that are going to. Have them look at a tire on my truck and I had very good experience with them they were very thorough and told me not to worry about the tire. And the gas was. Tankless filled with gas died and it was a very positive interaction with him so. He appreciated their service and their convenience right off the.
Review for Shell on Whodoyou
13 Jun 2018

I've gotten along with Brad over there at Parkway shelves just fine for a couple years. Nothing to complain about he's a good guy he does good work that's all I need to know maybe that's all you need to know to OK Take care bye.
Review for Shell on Whodoyou
09 Feb 2018

My experience Mrs William making my experience with our question always perfectly satisfactory. I was treated. Respectfully and had an honest answer and I appreciate it thank you I.
Review for Shell on Whodoyou
14 Oct 2017

That work is very good and the extremely are.

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