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Review for Checkmate Pawn on Whodoyou
31 Aug 2021

Hi, yeah, my name is Brian. I bought a pistol from Checkmate Pawn. it was a very nice experience. I've been there lots of times before, you guys treat me well, so have a good day.
Review for Trading Post Of Bellingham on Whodoyou
04 Nov 2020

I was treated very nicely at that company and so I would highly recommend them thank you for calling. Or they just want to.
Review for Checkmate Pawn on Whodoyou
24 Aug 2020

Checkmate Pawn was great, knowledgeable and well instructed on what to do.
Review for Bellingham Coin Shop on Whodoyou
01 May 2019

I'm totally satisfied with their. Procedure there are a whole procedure to get it out well and I'm very pleased with it thank you.
Review for Checkmate Pawn on Whodoyou
28 Oct 2018

Well I have nothing bad to say about Checkmate Pawn. Again nothing bad about them. I got a few cds, I believe, from them once again nothing bad about them, they have good business and prosper hope you guys are OK. I have no problem so they prosper well and. The guys are good.
Review for Bellingham Coin Shop on Whodoyou
31 Aug 2018

I appreciated my time there the man was professional and courteous a news field he gave a quick assessment paid for 1 of the pieces I brought in the others correctly I think triage them as not appropriate and it was in and out of there 5 or 10 minutes I would go back again.

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