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Review for Midas Auto Service Experts on Whodoyou
08 Feb 2022

Hi, I had a very good experience at the guide meridian. Bellingham, midas facility, there is one problem that maybe they could work on the air filter which according to their computer they had 6 of there were 9. So somebody forgot to put it in the computer that they use the filters or something like that. So that's something that call the control would be a good think I will return.
Review for Sound Truck & Auto Repair on Whodoyou
30 Nov 2021

Sound Truck & Auto Repair did a great job. Thank you.
Review for Sound Truck & Auto Repair on Whodoyou
21 Oct 2021

Sound Truck & Auto Repair is very knowledgeable and helpful. Guys did a good job and set me up. Thanks.
Review for Chuck's Midtown Motors Automotive Repair Inc on Whodoyou
12 Oct 2021

Hello, we had a several pre purchase inspections done at Chuck's Midtown Motors Automotive Repair Inc, and we liked the service, we liked the fact that we could get in without having to wait 2 weeks. Thorough explanation that the work was done thoroughly. So it seemed like a good experience. Thank you.
Review for Parkway Shell on Whodoyou
31 Aug 2021

Hi, yeah, I did contact Parkway Shell and my interaction went just fine and I'm actually going to be calling Parkway Shell soon, in a matter of days, as soon as I know what my schedule is and try to schedule all for the valve cover replacement on my little ford ranger, hopefully that helps. Thank you very much.
Review for Protech Automotive on Whodoyou
22 Jun 2021

I'm always satisfied with the work Protech Automotive do and they make an exceptional wishes that I come up with. I've been using Protech Automotive for many years and they can do just about anything that needs to be done to whatever vehicle they're working on. Thank you.
Review for Protech Automotive on Whodoyou
31 May 2021

Everybody at Protech Automotive was true professionals. They were on time, solved all my problems and I will definitely go back.
Review for Honda Of Burlington Service Department on Whodoyou
25 Jan 2021

I was very pleased with the Sims Honda service.
Review for Wayne's Car Care Repair on Whodoyou
29 Dec 2020

I'm very satisfied with Wayne's Car Care Repair. I've had them before and I trust them. I've had Wayne's Car Care Repair service my cars and I've been very satisfied.

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